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Brenda Castle

Brenda Castle is a Mississippi Girl who is a Spiritual leader with a women's outreach ministry. She has traveled extensively for conference engagements and as a motivational speaker ministering God's word. Brenda's comedic style puts you immediately at ease. She has a heart for restoring relationships and providing inspiration wherever she goes. She has graciously agreed to partner with us as one of our Warriors. 

Thank you Brenda. 


One of our anonymous collaborators. We appreciate these ladies who are willing to share their stories, struggles and victories. 

May God continue to heal you through this project. 


"Ruth" as we will call our anonymous collaborator.

She will submit stories of her battles and victories as well as sharing insight into other's triumphs. 

This is an intricate part of the original vision for this site of providing a tool for sharing and encouraging without judgement.